Touch of Matrix

Touch of Matrix is a simple and modern method to stay healthy (prevention) or to reinstate physical, mental and emotional complaints or themes/topics like discovering your passion, career, family issues, loss, personal development and much more.

Touch of Matrix is an exciting new tool based on recent discoveries from quantum physics. It maintains that symptoms of disease often originate from blockades on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level that influence (unawares) our feelings, thoughts and behavior. According to quantum physics everything is light and information, which makes it possible to remove on quantum level (unwanted) patterns and blockades that are stuck in fields of information by means of a gentle light touch and focused intent. Thus complaints/blockades are often solved fast and gently.

Gunther de Jong developed this unique and beautiful method that brings relaxation, awareness, acceptance, movement and change. With TOM you connect with your inner self and a blockade can be treated without knowing the cause. You will be in balance and experience your own power and possibilities. When you don’t want to dig into the cause of your problems, when you want to prevent blockades or leave old information behind you and move on with your future than Touch of Matrix is particularly suitable for you!

Touch of Matrix uses the computer as a metaphor for humans to make things more understandable. From early life all experiences are recorded in your body as programs on a hard disc. The hard disc will become full of programs of events and experiences in your life. Often your parents have given you programs about their issues, or programs that were developed during conception, pregnancy or birth. When your hard disc is full your computer will lose power and become slow. It’s the same with the connection with your inner self; your inner strength will weaken and your body will slow down. You will anticipate all sorts of complaints on a physical, emotional as well as on a mental level, such as burnout, but also other complaints like whiplash, backaches, headaches, bad sleeping, anxieties, feelings of insecurity. TOM makes sure your hard disc will be formatted. Old programs/blockades will be removed to enable the so called operating system (this is the ability of the body to heal itself) once more to work freely. This causes space and movement and always brings a change. With TOM you will move forward again and old patterns, convictions, pain and emotions will be replaced by new and positive information.

What does a Touch of Matrix treatment look like?

Before the treatment takes place we’ll talk about the intake form you filled in beforehand. While talking you’ll become aware of the precise complaint and the change you want to achieve, always in a positive way. For example “I want my back to be more smooth” or “I am full of confidence”. Then we start the treatment.
We’ll make the connection and when you start moving, we’ll remove the old information and connect with the desired new information. After that we’ll let go. If you like to see how a treatment can be like take a look at the video on the website of TOM: