Nutrition advice

Everyone is unique, what is good for one person doesn’t have to be good for somebody else. This is surely true for nutrition. Based on personal attention and individual counseling I can give you a nutrition advice that suits your current or desired lifestyle, physical and/or emotional complaints and of course for specific goals you might have.
Become aware of the food which support your health and which are damaging. Aggravating food can be glutes, sugar or cow’s milk. We’ll choose a total approach that works best for you and when necessary combined with Touch of Matrix, meditation and homeopathy.

Everyone can eat a healthier meal! Food has a big influence on health and well-being. When you put the wrong gasoline in your car you can’t expect the car to drive you everywhere you want. But this is what we actually do with our body. We are amazed at the protest of our body. As a detox and food counselor I am pleased to help you adjust your eating habit to make sure that you feel good persistently.
I will not give you a diet but give you advice that will suit the needs of your body. I make use of, amongst others, the instructions from the book “In 28 days from dump for toxic waste to temple” by Jaqueline van Lieshout in combined with Touch of Matrix and Homeopathy.