Do you want to start practicing meditation or perhaps restart practicing meditation? Good idea! Meditation affects your life in a positive way and it is really not that hard to learn.

Why would you want to practice meditation?

Scientists study it, physicians recommend it more and more. For millions of people it is daily practice. Why? “Because it works” – Time Magazine. A regular meditation practice, even a few minutes a day, helps you to achieve a state of well-being and is really not that difficult.
Meditation brings you peace, reduces your stress level and connects to your existing wholeness. You connect to your ‘instinctive’ heart and become more aware. It can change your life in a positive way. Meditation can be a spiritual experience – but not necessarily.

In addition practicing meditation has a number of health benefits; it reduces stress-hormones in your body and hypertension. Your body feels more relaxed and heals itself. Often our head is full of all sort of thoughts, images, judgments, needs and longings. This creates chaos in our head, which makes it more and more difficult to distinguish the main issues from secondary issues. Try to focus on things that are really important to you. Every day our life is filled with obligations and things we want to do and we’re always lacking time. An excellent recipe for stress! Meditation is the best way to bring peace, structure and balance in your life.

Meditation is not a means to have no more thoughts (as is generally presumed), but a means to accept that we have thoughts, observe them without judgement and find the peace and quiet in our inner self. Meditation is a technique/tool which enables you to establish peace, structure, balance and focus in your life again. While practicing meditation you will be able to reach deeper layers of consciousness and inner peace.

There are various kinds of meditation, such as guided meditation, meditation in silence, mantra meditation and visualization. Every kind of meditation gives you more concentration and inner peace. When you practice meditation on a regular basis the effect on daily life abides. You will become more peaceful, balanced and more concentrated. It is evident to discover a kind of meditation that relates to you and I will be pleased to help you find the right kind of meditation!